About enrola

We thought apprenticeship recruitment could be better. So we got together with our ideas and let them grow.

enrola started life in 2014 as an idea by our Managing Director, Craig Abrahart. 

Craig was one of the architects of Not Going to Uni (NGTU). In 2007 NGTU launched as one of the only specialist websites telling users about the benefits of Apprenticeships, and offering advice and support on how a traditional academic career path wasn’t always the best option.

As NGTU grew over the years to one of the UK’s biggest sites of it’s type, Craig realised while advertising Apprenticeship vacancies and getting a large number of responses was vital, it was just as important that applicants were having a good experience with providers.

It was too easy for a number of applications to be forgotten while Craig could see that amongst the thousands of potential job applicants, only a select few were contacted to progress their applications.

The vast majority didn’t even receive an acknowledgement. Often, this was the applicant’s first recruitment experience outside of the schools system, and it was a negative experience.

This created disaffected applicants, many of whom were turned away completely from the idea of post-16 recruitment.

Craig decided to find out why this was happening. 

A better way

After speaking to clients, we realised that this behaviour wasn’t advertisers and recruiters deliberately ignoring applicants.

They were often dealing with a number of different websites – trying to post, update and delete consistently – and that was just the adverts.

They would log in to different sites to download CVs, adding them to the lists of returned emails, which would then be added onto someone’s special office spreadsheet.

Basically, it was difficult to centrally track all of the applications from all the different sources, never mind reply to them. Everyone had their own way of doing things – there was no consistency across teams about how to recruit an apprentice.

No-one ever sets out to give their customers a bad experience
(and if they do, they don’t tend to stay in business very long).

Colleges and Training Providers were just as frustrated with this state of affairs, but felt that they didn’t have the tools to solve the problem.

And so enrola was born.

50 minutes to 10 minutes

enrola is designed to enable you to give all your applicants a great recruitment experience.

This is whether you recruit them for the vacancy they apply for, if you decide to keep them on file for other vacancies, or simply if you think that they’re not ready for what they’ve applied for and should go down a different route.

It’s your central hub for posting vacancies across the web, receiving applications, and processing apprenticeships (setting interviews, adding your own notes, checking qualifications, and  linking to your other systems).

We’ve created enrola to save you time. Take posting Apprenticeships out now; instead of logging into 5 different websites, creating the content and posting it, you simply enter it once into enrola, tick the job boards you want to send it to, and press “Post”.

Now, imagine the time that saves, if it takes you 10 minutes to create a vacancy on just one job board. And then multiply it by 5 (you want to give your vacancy the best chance, after all) – it takes you 50 minutes to post your vacancy across the web to give you the best chance of a high number of applications.

50 minutes before enrola.

10 minutes once you start using enrola.

And that’s just one part of the system. Just think of the time you’ll save, and the efficiencies you’ll gain when you work with us.

Want to find out more? Book a demo today

If you’d like to see for yourself what enrola can offer you and your team, then contact us and we’ll arrange a short demo either online or in person (your choice!)

The only constant is change

We’ve built enrola to future-proof against whatever’s round the corner.

Our team is small, but highly experienced in the FE sector. We’ve seen a lot of initiatives come and go (hello Train to Gain etc etc).

This made us realise that whatever we designed had to be flexible enough to cope with a constantly changing education landscape. 

enrola has been built from the ground up for the UK training sector. While there are other systems that can replicate parts of enrola’s functionality, nothing else has such a laser-guided focus on making apprenticeship recruitment easier. The product features that we build and release in the system are designed to support Apprenticeship teams in Colleges and Training Providers.

Let enrola do the boring stuff

We’re big believers in the power of keeping it simple.

We’re constantly searching for ways to make your lives easier as Apprentice recruiters. Every time we build a feature that’s designed to make something easier for our customers, it’s always been well received.

Often, these features are the direct result of our clients’ feedback. They use enrola every day in real-world settings, so they’re often the ones best placed to tell us what’s required to make their lives easier (and we all want an easier life, don’t we?)

In the years to come, we’ll continue to strive for simplicity, clarity, ease-of-use, and honesty. This goes for our product and our company.

Improving the fundamentals

We aim to be around for a long time, and our development strategy is built on that idea. 

That means we focus on the things that we believe make the biggest difference to our customers.

So what are those things?

10 years from now people aren’t going to say

  1. “I wish enrola was harder to use”
  2. “I wish enrola was slower and less reliable”
  3. “I wish it took longer to get an answer from someone at enrola”,

so we invest heavily in our infrastructure, design, and customer service.

We don’t chase fads and trends; we focus on the things that will always be important.

Always at your service

We take customer service extremely seriously.

In fact, we believe that the support we offer to you is key to your success. When you purchase access to enrola, you’re not just getting a software product, you’re getting an extension of your team. 

We love helping you through any issues you have – if that means extra training on a new or existing feature, posting vacancies on your behalf, or anything else that crops up.

We’ve got Live Chat installed on enrola, which is the quickest way of getting in contact with us – we usually respond to queries within 5 minutes there. 

If you have a general question for us, just drop us an email at hello@enrola.co.uk and we’ll get back to you within a day. If you’re a customer, and you want to talk to someone in customer service, drop an email to support@enrola.co.uk and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

If you’re just browsing, enjoy your stay. If you’d like to become a customer, we’d love to have you

Either way, thanks for visiting enrola.

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