Helping you to recruit more Apprentices

enrola is driven by the learner experience. That’s what sets it apart
Anna Clarke
Head of Apprenticeships, Milton Keynes College

enrola is designed to be your go-to system when recruiting an apprentice.

Use enrola for posting vacancies, receiving applications, processing candidates, and co-ordinating employers.

We find that a lot of our clients were spending time copying and pasting the same information across different pieces of software and spreadsheets.

In the age of cloud-based software, that’s not only unnecessary, but also potentially unsecure for both you and your applicants.

enrola is designed from the ground up to solve your pain points. It’s easy to set up, and because it’s hosted online there’s no maintenance involved – it just works. We update our system on regularly with all the latest features as part of the service.

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Reduce the admin burden. enrola lets you send your Apprenticeship vacancies across the web with a single click. No more updating different websites – one click and enrola takes care of it for you.

  • Fully customisable Application Forms mean you collect the data you need to make an informed decision.
  • Rich candidate profiles are a record of each candidate’s history.
  • Attach documents, schedule interviews and add internal notes for teammates to keep up to speed with how a candidate is progressing through the system.

Set the steps you need to be able to recruit efficiently. Bulk Actions let you deal with large numbers of candidates at once, (e.g. interview invitations)

Reliable and flexible

Uptime guaranteed

We've had a 99.8% uptime guarantee, compliant over the last 12 months, so you can rely on us working when you need us

Outstanding customer support

We're available to help you by live chat or email. Our average response time is currently under 5 minutes

Integrates with your tools

enrola integrates with a wide range of apps and tools, from job boards to e-Portfolio software

Developer-friendly APIs

Integrate with external tools or completely customise your careers page