"Applicant Tracking System" shouldn't mean "spreadsheet"

Looking to upgrade your apprenticeship manangement? enrola’s application tracking features nurture your applicants and help you make the most of them.

An Application Tracking System that saves you time and increases brand consistency

So you’ve selected your job boards and posted your apprenticeship vacancies – fantastic! But what do you do about all the applications that are coming in? How are you going to manage them all? How do you make sure your applicants have a great experience (even the unsuccessful ones)?
The applicant tracking system in enrola is designed to deal with large numbers of applicants quickly.
Every applicant is assigned to a user (automatically if you prefer). Our editable templates ensure you offer a consistent, personalised message to all your candidates.

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Applicant tracking and management

CV creation

Export standardised, branded CVs in PDF format that your team and employers can use to easily compare candidates. You can email multiple CVs at once as well


Make your applicants feel special. They can automatically be assigned to a member of your team, giving the candidate an immediate point of contact throughout the recruitment process

Application Tracking

See at a glance which job board your application came from. You can see the best sites for you to advertise on and optimise your recruitment strategy accordingly


Arrange and send interview requests to your applicants by email and text, and record them in enrola


Create and personalise branded email templates with “merge tags”. You can send them to candidates for fast, consistent customer service

Feedback surveys

Find out what your applicants think of you. Send surveys for qualitative and quantitative feedback via email and text

enrola's Applicant tracking and management makes your life easier

Request More Info (RMI)

Need more information from your candidates? Send them an email and SMS with a linked form to get what you need with one click. You get notified when they’ve sent you the information so you can check and merge it into their enrola profile

Bulk Actions

Email groups of candidates at once by changing a dropdown menu – up to 100 at a time. You can also assign/re-assign multiple candidates to different members of your recruitment team

Talent pool

Create you own talent pool to draw applicants from. Segment your data with filters – age, location, area of interest and many more. Create “Saved searches” with these filters so you can automatically segment your applicant database how you need to

Reassign applicants

Transfer candidates to new roles that you think they’d be great for. We even send them an email on your behalf to let them know so you don’t need to (meeting your GDPR requirements)

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