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Ecordia e-portfolio integration

We’re delighted to introduce a new enrola integration; we now link with Ecordia e-Portfolio software. What do Ecordia do? Established in 2004, the highly experienced Ecordia team are inspired by their experience of the vocational training industry. They’ve now grown to be one of the most successful e-portfolio systems. It’s

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Turning the GDPR from an obstacle into an opportunity

When a new set of rules is first introduced, our first reaction is often fear. Fear of compliance, of punishment, of red tape. But here’s the thing – all the recent data protection laws are built for a simple reason: to provide better experiences for our customers and the people who

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PICS integration

Our new PICS integration makes creating applicants a one-click wonder PICS by Pellcomp; what is it? PICS is one of the most popular Learner Management

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