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Indeed and enrola changes

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  • Indeed is now working
  • We’ve made changes to fields on application forms
  • These changes affect all application forms for all job boards
  • API users need to update their forms

Indeed is now fully operational

We are now using the normal application forms when posting Opportunities to Indeed.
Indeed’s Search Quality team contacted us yesterday afternoon to say we had passed their tests.

This means that you are now receiving the same information from Indeed as all other job boards. LRS searches should now return qualification history if the relevant fields are complete.

If you’re using the enrola application form then this has automatically been updated.
If you’re using the enrola API, you’ll need to update your own forms.

Changes to enrola

The new options we’ve created to pass Indeed tests

For the fields that were most troubling to Indeed, we’ve changed the following:

1. Date of Birth – new option, I’d prefer not to give this information

2. Gender – new option, I’d prefer not to give this information

3. Nationality dropdown – new option at the end of the drop down menu I’d prefer not to give this information. (Because 93% of our applicants are British, we have that option at the top for user convenience)

4. Ethnicity – we’re using the UK Govt Department for Education ethnicity categorisations. Applicants can select the Not provided option which we’ve added to the drop down menu

Due to Search Quality feedback, we’ve made the Nationality and Ethnicity fields more explicit.

The titles for these fields now say:

Nationality – If you don’t want to answer then select I’d prefer not to give this information in the drop down menu

Ethnicity – If you don’t want to answer then select Not provided in the drop down menu

Search Quality are also concerned about the Address field, but they’ve let that pass for now. This may be reviewed later on, but we’ve left it as is.

What this means

Indeed were originally concerned that the fields above were discriminatory. Although we explained to them that apprenticeship providers need this data, they didn’t accept our arguments.

We therefore had to add options that allowed users not to answer those questions.

Please note that these changes affect all application forms for job boards.

We’ve applied this universally so this doesn’t happen again. We want to make sure that all posting options are available to you at all times, so we’ve taken the decision to apply these changes system-wide. If another job board changes their Terms of Service we will be compliant

LRS searches may now only return a partial match. This means that you may need to contact the applicant to gather the missing data. If an applicant chooses not to give their Date of Birth or Gender, then the LRS lookup may not work.

You can still Request More Info to get this missing information. However, applicants may still choose not to answer. You may have to contact the applicant in question to explain why you need this data.

API users

If you’re using your own application forms via the enrola API, you need to expand the choices on the fields above. These choices are now on the API, so you can add them from today.

You must include these options. If you don’t, Indeed may decide to stop allowing your roles to be advertised. Alternatively, we may need to revert you to the enrola application forms until this is resolved.

We will be contacting all enrola API users separately to ensure you know what to do.

Request More Info

We have the ability in the system to more data back from applicants. This can be time-consuming as you need to select the fields you need one-by-one. Often this isn’t workable for a large number of applicants.

We’ve listened to your feedback, and have created a new method for getting richer application profiles. To do this, there is now a new workflow status which we’ve called Enrolment form (for now).

We've created a new workflow status, "Enrolment Form" that lets you request more info from applicants by changing a dropdown menu
The new Enrolment Form workflow status

This allows you to create a secondary form and send it via email to your applicants. We will be releasing more information about this later this week. At this point all you need to know is that you can email a preset form with the information you need to your applicants.

Fields that have been data are already pre-filled on this form, so applicants don’t need to complete them again.

They fill in the missing information and submit the form as they would with the normal application form.

If you would like more information on how to do this then please contact us.

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