Changes to posting to Recruit an Apprentice (NAS)

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Many of you contacting us asking if we are aware of the NAS Recruitment API changeover.

The answer to this is “yes”,  and we have been working hard behind the scenes creating the new APIs to make the change as smooth as possible. 

We are deploying the changes today (Wednesday 30th March), and there will be a brief period where you will be unable to post Opportunities to NAS.

If you do read any further, the 3 main points you need to know are:

  1. Don’t panic, we are doing all the work for you.
  2. You will need to ensure your employer goes into their DAS account and sign their agreement and give you permission to advertise on their behalf
  3. We will need to access your Recruitment API key with your permission (if you haven’t already sent it to us) or else you won’t be able to post to NAS

We’ve set out the key information/changes below.

Ensure your employer has granted permission for you to recruit on your behalf

This is the most important change that will affect you as the training provider

The ESFA has removed the need to look up the ERN and use it for to link employers to training providers.

You will no longer have to go through the EDRS look up or link the employer in NAS before you post from enrola.

You will need to ensure your employer goes into their DAS account and sign their agreement and give you permission to advertise on their behalf. 

Within Opportunities in the NAS panel there will be a new drop down field, “Employer Name”.

Once an employer gives you the permission to advertise the company name will drop into your listing in the new field where you select it within the Opportunity.

The employer will only need to give you permission once, not for each individual vacancy you have with them. Once you link to that company then you have the permission to advertise as many Opportunities as required.

If they do not give permission you will not be able to post on their behalf until they have done so.

We can obtain a list of the employers that have signed up to allow you to recruit on your behalf. If you would like that list please contact us and we will send you a copy.

Entry Requirements

Entry requirements are now listed as separate qualifications. You will no longer be able to enter text for this section when posting to NAS. You select the qualification type from a preset list, as well as the “Weighting” for that qualification.

The two new weighting options are

  • Essential
  • Desired

We have retained the original “Entry Requirements” field for other job boards, as they still allow you to enter text, but anything you enter on that field will no longer appear on NAS.


NAS now offers specific options for wages. We’ve recreated this as a dropdown menu, Wage type

These are the options you can now select from:

If you select “Fixed Wage”, you can enter an annual wage for the Opportunity in the appropriate field:

“National Minimum Wage” and “National Minimum Wage For Apprentices” show as preset amounts on NAS, with pre-calculated amounts for each.

“Unspecified” allows you not to set an amount.

There is also an “Additional information” field which will let you add extra information about wages, for example:

  • “To be discussed at interview”
  • “Between £10000-£12000 per year”

Details of work hours

There are now two fields to describe working hours, Hours Per Week and Working Week. These replace the 3 fields we had previously and should simplify posting.

Outcome (was “Future Prospects”)

This field has been renamed. It has the same purpose and input as before (unfortunately NAS still does not allow you to list here)

Skills Required

This field replaces the Desired Skills and Personal Qualities fields. NAS actually has a preset list of such skills, but they are only suggestions so we’ve decided that it’s better for you to add you own.

This field must be sent as a bullet-point list – you will get an error if you try to post an Opportunity with it any other format.

ESFA help guides

This is the YouTube link to the video for the webinar where I have taken the slides from.

Some of this will not apply to you as we are doing the work for you, but you may find it useful to refer to

New recruitment API for creating apprenticeship vacancies, and the decommissioning of existing tools – YouTube

The following link is for those who have an Apprenticeship Service account –

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