enrola and PICS integration supports apprentice recruitment

PICS integration

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Our new PICS integration makes creating applicants a one-click wonder

PICS by Pellcomp; what is it?

PICS is one of the most popular Learner Management Systems for apprenticeships, with over 20 years experience in the FE training sector. Over 450 training providers in the UK use PICS for apprenticeship delivery.

Pellcomp’s software solution encompasses traditional learner management, employer engagement, applicant management and ePortfolio into a single integrated system.

What does enrola’s PICS integration do?

Our new enrola-PICS integration lets you seamlessly create a new Applicant record using existing data in enrola. The transfer is made through enrola’s fully encrypted API so you know it’s secure. This prevents data duplication, and supports GDPR requirements as a result.

Setting up the PICS integration with enrola

enrola account level required: Team Owner and Admin

Please note that this assumes that you have a PICS account already. If you don’t have a PICS account then contact Pellcomp if you would like to set this up

To make the integration work, you need to make sure that you have Pellcomp’s “REST API” module, as well as either the PICS “Applicant Management” or “CRM Silver” modules switched on.

  1. Ask Pellcomp for a copy of your unique API Organisation Name, Username and Password

    enrola needs this information to link to PICS securely. Contact the Support team at Pellcomp for a copy of these details for your organisation

  2. Log into enrola

    Go to the enrola login page and enter your enrola username and password enrola login screen

  3. Navigate to enrola’s Integrations section

    On the top bar of enrola Click on Settings and then Integrations

  4. Add your unique PICS details

    Scroll down until you see the section for Pellcomp. Enter your Organisation Name, Username and Password into the relevant fields. Click onto another part of the screen, and enrola will autosave the details for you.

    Pellcomp integration account details - enrola

How it works

You’ve been through the screening and interview process and your applicant is ready for transfer.

At this point select the Ready for enrolment status on their workflow for the role they’ve applied to:

Select "Ready for enrolment" in enrola to transfer
Selecting Ready for enrolment on the applicant’s Recrutiment Workflow

This will trigger a dialogue box asking whether you want to transfer the applicant to PICS:

When you click “yes”, the applicant’s data is transferred securely into PICS to create a new “Applicant” record.

Pellcomp PICS Applicants section
PICS Applicant details section

(Note: if you also have our OneFile integration switched on you’ll still be able to choose to send the applicant’s details there as well

enrola data sent to PICS

For version 1.0 we create an Applicant record with the following information:

  • Title
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Nationality
  • Unique Learner Number (ULN)
  • National Insurance Number
  • Address 1
  • Address 2
  • Address 3
  • Address 4
  • Postcode
  • Email address
  • Mobile Number
  • Telephone Number
  • Preferred Contact Method
  • Next of Kin Name
  • Next of Kin Relationship
  • Next of Kin Phone

If the information for all these fields isn’t in enrola we will still be able to create a record in PICS.

Future developments

We will increase the amount of applicant data we send to PICS as we develop the integration. We are liaising with Pellcomp’s development team to make sure we get this correct.

This will include information on LLDD data, Basic Skills, and GCSE Maths and English.

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