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Get applicants' qualification histories instantly with our recruitment software

Yes, you did read that correctly.
We know that grades aren’t the only way to measure the value of an apprentice, but they are an important factor. 
Getting verified certificates is a huge admin job, so the whole process of checking candidates becomes an extremely time-consuming process
Unless you have enrola.
We check your applicants’ qualifications as they apply – no need for them to spend time writing them, and no need for you to go checking them. Best of all, it’s all 100% Government approved data.

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Recruitment software you'll enjoy

Talent pool

Filter your applicants in many ways – age, location, area of interest and many more. Create “Saved searches” with these filters so you can automatically segment your applicant database how you need to

e-Portfolio transfer

Move candidates straight into ePortfolio systems like OneFile with one click. End tedious data entry mistakes for candidates by securely sending the information you need when they’re ready to be enrolled

Add your own data

Add your own notes to each candidate profile for a more rounded view for your team (and your employers if you want to share)

Paperless enrolment

Create Commitment Statements and Apprenticeship Agreement forms with digital signatures. We send copies to Employers and candidates are also sent copies straight away so you don’t need to

LMS transfer

Transfer candidates into Learner Management Systems like PICS ready for ILR creation and manage delivery

Internal and external Interviews

Arrange and send interview requests to your employers and candidates by email and text, and record them in enrola

enrola makes recruiting and enrolling apprentices easy

Recruitment workflows

Recruit the way you need to. Set different workflows for different employers, qualifications or types of opportunity. Collect all the information you need when you need it for that candidate

Qualification history

Our LRS integration means that we can tell your applicant’s qualifications as they apply – now you’ll know whether they’re suitable for what they’ve applied for

Functional Skills checker

BKSB integration – retrieve Functional Skills tests to see which candidates have the necessary English and Maths skills (and which need extra resource)

Application transfer

Transfer candidates to new roles that you think they’d be great for. We even send them an email on your behalf to let them know so you don’t need to (helping you meet your GDPR requirements)

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