New integration – Ecordia

enrola now links to Ecordia's e-Portfolio software

We’re delighted to introduce a new enrola integration; we now link with Ecordia e-Portfolio software.

Established in 2004, the highly experienced Ecordia team are inspired by their experience of the vocational training industry.Ecordia has now grown to be one of the most successful e-portfolio systems. It’s a one-stop shop for the management and delivery of e-portfolio and assessment.

The Ecordia team is totally dedicated to assisting with successful implementation and ensuring long-term effectiveness within your training centre providing the following on-going services:

  • Support & maintenance
  • Email support
  • Remote assistance & training where necessary

Want to find out more? Book a demo today

If you’d like to see for yourself what enrola can offer you and your team, then contact us and we’ll arrange a short demo either online or in person (your choice!)

If you integrate enrola with Ecordia, then any Application with the On Programme status selected in enrola will be transferred automatically into Ecordia. This cuts down on duplication and error, while increasing efficiency – all things that we like at enrola!

If you’d like to find out more then please contact the Ecordia team. Ecordia will then contact enrola to make sure both systems are linked.

Turning the GDPR from an obstacle into an opportunity

GDPR; are you ready? | enrola

When a new set of rules is first introduced, our first reaction is often fear. Fear of compliance, of punishment, of red tape.

But here’s the thing – all the recent data protection laws are built for a simple reason: to provide better experiences for our customers and the people who trust us with their data. Be relevant, be helpful, be transparent, and you’ll be on your way to compliance. Be spammy, interruptive, aggressive, and you’ll be in trouble.

Complying with the GDPR will require effort, and that effort may lead to stress between now and deadline day. But, at the end of the day, if the GDPR makes your customers’ lives better, it’ll grow your business as a result.

Here are a few big business benefits to think about, as you work through the process over the next few months:

• The GDPR requires increased transparency around data collection and processing. In legal language, that’s the “right to access” and “portability,” which mean your contacts can demand a copy of their data in a common format. In other words, your contacts should be able to ask you what they’re signed up for, and receive a quick, accurate, and easy-to-digest answer. When it comes down to it, not so crazy, right? Transparency breeds trust, plain and simple.

• The GDPR requires that you give your contacts the “right to be forgotten.” They can request that you delete them from your database. Not only will that satisfy the specific contact in question; it’ll ensure that you’re not wasting your time trying to market and sell to people that have no interest in your product or service. That means more time to focus on your best prospects and customers.

• Perhaps most importantly, the GDPR requires lawful basis for processing. In other words, you need a legal reason to use a contact’s data, like consent or legitimate interest. That’s bad news if you’re purchasing lists: not only is this not allowed under the enrola Acceptable Use Policy, but now it’s also not permitted under the GDPR.

That may sound painful in the short term, but it’s good news for your company in the long run. Think about it. Who’s more likely to buy from you: a set of email addresses scraped off the internet who may or may not have ever heard of you, or a set of engaged contacts already interested in your product or service? We’ll take our chances with option two. Making sure you have established a lawful basis will lead to a more engaged list, better email deliverability, and fewer annoyed contacts.

For many companies (and this includes enrola) GDPR compliance is stressful and work-heavy.

But, as you work through those long hours reading through the GDPR and building out your processes, don’t forget the purpose behind the law: to provide better, more secure, more transparent experiences for your applicants.

When your applicants win, you win too.

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